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Privacy Policy
Tv-Box collects data about you
·       when you use the Tv-Box (This data will only be used for the purpose of improving the stability and convenience of the application)
·       when you send support, privacy, legal, and other requests to us

  We don’t buy or receive data about you from data brokers or other private services.

   Tv-Box logs data that might be identified to you
·      a random, unique identifier
·      the version of the app, and the operating system you are using
·      application crash log
·      date and time, data such as country and region.

  Tv-Box uses this data to:
·      keep our service working quickly and reliably
·      debug and develop our apps
·      improve usability of our apps.

  Tv-Box collects data about you when you send feedback or any error. Those data usually include your name and email address.

  Tv-Box uses contact data to
·      respond to you
·      improve the service

Terms of Use
- This Application does not offer any kind of media or content, users must provide their content.
- We simply handle the user information in an intuitive way as long as the user have the access.
- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright-protected material without permission from the copyright holder.
- Any content used in the app that the user does not own the copyright to may be punishable by law according to the country in question.

IPTV is a legal service that can be used for personal use, we are not responsible for any misuse of the app for harmful purposes.
Any misuse of the app with must be punished to the user or to third parties who make the content available without any rights reserved.